Working with Filip is very relaxing. He made the photo shoot fun and productive. With so many great ideas for different types of photos, youre sure to have a wonderful collection of pictures that you will treasure! Also, he picked a beautiful location for my shoot which made a huge difference in the quality of  my pictures and the atmosphere of the shoot all together. I would recomend using Filip to anyone who wants great quality and an experiance to remember.



We highly recommend Fil for photographing any event.  He is highly attentive and seems to be everywhere to take exceptional photos. The very professional manner and creative shots he came up with really made our wedding extra special.  His photos were fantastic, very well thought out. Everyone who has seen his photos from our wedding were impressed with his work.  You will be very happy with Fil being your photographer.       Dan and Vikki Nozza


I highly recommend Filip as a talented artistic photographer . In his photographs, he captures feelings, emotions, and a sublime beauty of people, animals, and celebrations that regular pictures do not. His photos are pure art and are alive with color and feeling. He took some portraits of my parrots that were not only beautiful, but also conveyed something about their personalities.  His photos are sensitive and intimate. My parrots (who normally won't sit still for anything), seemed to enjoy being photographed. He was able to capture their inner and outer beauty. Filip is uniquely talented with an ability bring out the best features of a subject in his photos. We are so impressed with his work. I especially recommend his for animal portraits as he seems to have a great way with animals. Dr. Marion Russo, Hillsborough, NJ


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